Residential Management Companies



If you are looking for an Accountant to prepare business accounts, prepare personal tax returns, VAT returns, payrolls, carry out audits of limnited companies, etc, do NOT come to us.

Josolyne Rogers is a specialist provider of services to Residential Management Companies and property developments where the leaseholders have excercised their Right to Manage their Development.

  We will prepare Service Charge annual statements, statutory accounts and abbreviated accounts for filing at Companies House for Residential Management Companies and groups of residents who have excercised their Right to Manage their property development using software models which we have specifically designed ourselves for this purpose. Accounts are normally prepared and supplied to the Managing Agents in PDF format.  
Some developments have mixed use, with only some residents being required to contribute to, say, the operation of the lifts, and others being required under the terms of their lease to contribute to the parking areas but not the lifts. In such cases different expenditure "pools" may be required in the accounts to properly reflect the interest of the different groups of residents within the development. Our accounts templates are designed to be able to distinguish these different interests.
Some developments may consist of freehold properties who are required to contribute to the maintenace of some common areas and facilities. But the majority developments consist of leashold residential units such as flats and apartments, with the reversionary freehold being held by a superior landlord. In these cases the Service Charge Accounts are required to be reviewed and reported upon (Landlord and Tenant Acb 1985 Section 21) by an independent accountant who must also be a Registered Auditor. Josolyne Rogers is a registered auditor and authorised to provide these reports.  
  Whether you are a small development comprising fewer than 10 units or a larger development of over, say, 200 units, Josolyne Rogers can help you to fulfill your statutory obligations. Accounts are prepared taking full account of the guidance notes as issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, the Royal institute of chartered Surveyors, and the Association of Residential Managing Agents.

Our fees are competitive and will be agreed with you in advance of any work being undertaken. Fees depend upon a number of factors, primarily the number of units comprised in the Development, the number of expenditure "pools" required under the terms of the property management agreement or lease agreement, and the quality and completeness of the source accounting records provided to us. In most cases these records will be maintained to a good standard by Managing Agents appointed by the Residential Management Company and often using appropriate Estate Accounting software. We recommend that your Managing Agents are included in any discussions regarding fees and suitability of records to be provided. Contact us today for a no-obligation review of your requirements. We are also pleased to hear directly from Managing Agents looking to outsource their professional accounts preparation for RMC clients or comply with the reporting requirements under Landlord and Tenant Act 1985.

In order to maintain competitive fees we operate wholly through the Internet and Agents must be prepared to provide accounts date in digital formats such as Excel and to provide supporting documents such as bank statements, supporting invoices, and sample leases, as PDF documents.